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We highly recommend you complete the check-in process online before arrival. You will be able to avoid check-in delays at the lobby kiosk, and we can troubleshoot and resolve any issues that may arise with your reservation prior to your travel.

You can check-in online no earlier than 48 hours prior to arrival. Please follow these steps to complete your check-in. You will need a valid credit card and a government-issued photo ID in English or French (passport, driver's license, etc.):

  1. Go to https://checkin.granvillehall.ca.
  2. Enter your booking confirmation number.
  3. Confirm your payment.
  4. Upload a photo of your ID. You can upload a saved file on your device or take a photo of your ID using your device's camera.
  5. Enter your email and phone number to receive your room information and door access codes.  

Please note that you can also complete your check-in process at our self check-in kiosk in the lobby of Granville Hall.


There are two types of electronic locks: the main lobby doors and the bedroom doors.

For the entrance door in the lobby (orange or green):

1. Enter your code followed by the checkmark key (Example: 1-2-3-4-✔️).

2. When you hear the buzz, press the handle, and open the door.

The lobby door keypad will flash if the code was not entered correctly.

 For your room door:

1. Enter your code only, (Example: 1-2-3-4).

2. When you hear the chime, press the handle, and open the door.


Each floor has multiple unisex bathrooms for your use. 

For additional sanitization, each bathroom is equipped with a spray bottle containing a bleach-based disinfectant. If you wish, you may use this bottle to spray and wipe any surfaces (handles, faucets, etc.) before or after you touch them. You will find a paper towel dispenser mounted either inside the bathroom or outside near one of the bathroom doors. There is also a dispenser and another spray bottle in the kitchen.


Kitchens are fully equipped with dishes, cups and glasses, cutlery, and cookware. All kitchens contain a microwave, an electrical kettle, toaster, Keurig machine, and common fridges. A full stove/oven is available on the second and third floors only and can be used by anyone in the building.

You'll find a cupboard wall in the kitchen for food storage if you wish to use it. Each storage box has a label on the inside of the door showing the room number it belongs to. Meals can also be purchased from Rudy's Cafe, located next to Granville Hall. Go to www.rudyscatering.ca for information about hours of operation. 


Common areas, kitchens and bathrooms are cleaned daily. If you discover a housekeeping/cleaning or pest control issue that you wish to report, please call one of the contact numbers below.

Your room will be clean with fresh sheets and towels provided prior to your arrival. Housekeeping will clean the room once per week thereafter. If you wish to access any cleaning supplies prior to the scheduled weekly cleaning, you can find supplies in the kitchen on your floor, or in the cleaning closet labelled "Staff Only", located on the main floor next to the common lounge.

Granville Hall is a self-service facility, offering contactless convenience during your stay. To obtain clean sheets or towels at any time, please locate the white linen wardrobes on your floor. You can deposit your old linen in the laundry hampers within the wardrobe and collect fresh flat sheets, fitted sheets, pillowcases, or towels. The shelves are labeled to help you identify your bed sheet size (twin or double).


Long term summer residents and summer/semester students with a lease agreement must provide their own sheets, blankets, and towels, unless they've purchased a pack from Granville Hall. If you've purchased a linen or towel pack as part of your booking, then these items will be placed in your room prior to your arrival. Please note that sheets and towels in the hallway closet are for short-term hotel guests only.

You are responsible for cleaning and maintaining your room in good condition during your stay. If you wish to access any cleaning supplies, you can find supplies in the kitchen on your floor, or in the cleaning closet labelled "Staff Only", located on the main floor next to the common lounge.

You must have your room cleaned and discard all personal items by 11am of your checkout date to receive a full refund of your damage deposit. A cleaning fee may be deducted from the deposit if the room is left in bad condition.


Laundry access is available for long term summer stays (more than one month), and to all residence students during the academic year. You can purchase a laundry card from the office and use it in the laundry room located in the basement. You can add credits to your laundry card in the laundry room as well. All cards must be returned at the end of your stay. If the office is closed, you can drop your card i n the drop-off box next to the office door.

If you're a short-term guest in need of laundry access, you can visit the office during the business hours and request a card. We don't guarantee that someone will always be in the office as we are a staff-less operation (the office manager splits their time between several properties in the area).

Please note that Granville Hall does not provide laundry detergent. Residents must supply their own detergent. We recommend pod-style detergent for our particular type of machines. Liquid and powder detergent can also be used. However, due to the basement location of the machine and the industrial strength agitation provided by the machines, please use only half the recommended dose of liquid or powder detergent to avoid excess foam from escaping the machines.


If you have any issues with your check-in while the lobby office is closed, you can contact us at (902) 709-0222.